No Pants Forever

I’m slowly getting my clothes back on folks!




I took these pictures a while back, right after Pink Fuel released this adorable ginger skin, which gave me an excuse to wear my favorite fade/ombre color in all of SL from Exile. The highlights in this hair are flawless!!

I didn’t mean to do two closed eye posts in a row, sorry about that!



I meant to do the 55 questions meme, or the pet peeves meme in this post, but after all this picture and video editing, I am exhausted! Next post I promise I will meme with you guise.

Hair: Exile
Skin: Pink Fuel
Hands: SLink
Blouse: Leverocci

((Sorry for the botched credits, I thought I did a notecard of them but since then I’ve cleaned my inventory, wups!))

WELL. Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to show you guys what went into editing today’s pictures. I made a screen capture video that was meant to be sort’ve a tutorial, but really it’s just a sped up demonstration of how I edited the above picture. I drop little hints for you, but if you have a question about how I did something specific, you may have to slow the video down for a minute. There’s NO annoying music or anything on the background of this, I was going to add my voice but I got mic-shy :> I hope you enjoy, there are some links in the description to help you out!





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