Hey guys! This isn’t really a fashion blog so much as just a kind of update and some important information regarding some things going on with me right now. I still edited a picture I took about a week ago just because I could LOL.

Okay, first things first! If you’ve tried to get in touch with my via SL, you’ve had no luck. My main account, MarieMcKinney Resident, and my old main Teresa Republic are both on hold due to billing problems. My bank thought that LL was fraudulently charging my account, and charged back some of the payments  I made. It’s being taken care of, but according to LL and my bank, it could take quite a while for the money to get back to LL.

That being said, if I have custom builds to do for you please contact me on Skype: teresa.republic, or by plurk so we can make arrangements. I’m very sorry for the delay, I didn’t see this coming at all. 

I have been enjoying my break from SL though, if I’m honest. I didn’t realize how much pressure it put me under. Not just creating, but keeping up with shopping/blogging/ect. I’ve gotten caught up on some things in RL and have been able to make some time for some things I used to really like doing. I can’t wait to come back though and buy all the pretty things!




Since I can’t log in to get the credits for this outfit, I apologize for the sloppyness!

Hair: Ploom

Eyes: IKON

Skin: Ths Sugar Garden – Hope – A

Shoes: Gos Boutique

Jeans: Villena – Skinny Jeans


Tank: Mon Tissu – Lolita Tanktop



We need time.

we need time b
we need time

Hey everyone! Super quick post today, I didn’t plan on blogging but I HAD to take a break from Maya for an hour or two… I’m starting to vertices in RL -__-“

Thanks for reading! ❤

Skin: Body Co.
Lips: Illusory
Lip Gloss: Izzie’s
Lashes: Al Vulo
Eyes: IKON
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Blazer: Elate
Jeans: Koko
Hands: Slink
Ears: Mandala

First Day

First Day A

Hey everyone! I thought I’d make up for the super short post last time with a long-winded one with lots and lots of things you need to know! Aren’t I the best?!

Augmented Avatar is going to be going through some changes, and we’ve already begun to reflect those on the site. As you can see, we have a new theme – it might change but for now we’re pretty happy with it!

You’ll also notice that you no longer need to type, as we’ve registered and mapped the domain name! So update your bookmarks and links 😀

Another thing you may be noticing is that I don’t have prim breasts on in the photo above. Although it’s a deviation from what the site was originally intended for, I have made the decision to all kinds of fashion posts on this blog, but I will still showcase Lola’s and Lush breasts a lot!

Zero has been behind the scenes helping with the blog the whole time, but it’s time she step into the spotlight. We’re very excited and this should come very soon, Zero is already working on her first post! She’s really nervous, but I’m so glad to have her aboard (finally >:) )

Last but not least, there are some changes to the review policy! Since we’ve proven to ourselves we can be steady bloggers, we’ve revised our policy – if you’re a designer or event organizer please check it out! We’re very humbled by the interest in our blog by both creators and readers!!

Now, on to the look today!

First Day B

Have you been to Analog Dog lately? I hadn’t… and I was in for a big surprise when I finally went. They’ve been releasing mesh hair under a sister brand Point B, and it’s really cute! I picked up quite a few styles… no pigtails though, so for now I will just have to dream. The hair I’m wearing is just as adorable though.

The Mongomery Dress from coldlogic is my go-to for schoolgirly and cute looks. Ever since I fatpacked it during their last sale, I find myself wearing it all the time! It’s a must have.

I’ve been really obsessed with IKON lately, and these eyes are to die for. The Dakota Mesh head really shows them off, don’t you think?

Thanks for reading everyone! If you have and questions or comments about the changes to the blog, or just something you want to share, click up top to leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you.

Skin & Head: The Sugar Garden – Dakota
Hair: Point B – Scene – Light Blondes
Dress: Coldlogic –  Montgomery – Raspberry
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands Elegant Pose
Bow: Laviere – Candy Bow (Original)
Eyes: IKON – Eternal Eyes – Lagoon

Let me be yours

Let me be yours

Hello lovelies! ❤ Sorry about the super quick post today, but I simply had to show some of this off!

Thanks for reading!

Skin & Head: The Sugar Garden – Dakota
Outfit: lazybones – bodysuit (SL FASHION WEEK)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Lashes: vive9 flutter lashes
Hair: [taketomi]_Usagi_Platinum01
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Lagoon (L)

Seeing Stars

Seeings Stars A Lo-Res

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to bring you a new post only days after my last one, hopefully I can keep up this pace as tax season slows down.

As promised, I have yet to take off the Dakota mesh head, but today I’m wearing a different set of eyes from IKON, the coloring was just perfect for this outfit and hair.

I normally impulse buy everything in FLF, but this week I found myself being extra excited about this hair from Wasabi Pills. The subtle streaks of pink in this candy purple color is soooo cute!

And it goes perrrrrrrfectly with this new baby doll dress from Katatonik which I’m absolutely obsessed with! It even comes with a hud to chose the level of transparency on the bottom, and the fact that Katatonik is offering a Lola’s version of this release is positively thrilling. I’ve never had an applier fit as well as this one did right out of the box, this dress is remarkably well done and well worth the 750L price tag!

Finally, this hairbow from Olive is one of my current obsessions. My favorite thing about it that in addition to being texture change, you can also tint it, which is how i got it to the shade I wanted in these pictures.

Speaking of my pictures, have you tried Niran’s Viewer? These pictures and the ones from my last post were all taken in the new viewer, which has a totally redesigned interface, and really makes second life more immersive than I’ve ever seen it. If you haven’t tried it, go go go! Be patient, the UI is much different than what we’re used to, especially the preferences, but if you tinker with them enough you’ll end up with a beautiful environment thats not just for pictures, but walking around as well!


Seeings Stars B Lo-Res


Skin and Head: The Sugar Garden

Hair: Wasabi Pills

Eyes: IKON

Hairbow: Olive 

Dress and Underwear: Katatonik

Hands: Slink

Breasts: Lolas


Thanks for reading! ❤