Hey guys! This isn’t really a fashion blog so much as just a kind of update and some important information regarding some things going on with me right now. I still edited a picture I took about a week ago just because I could LOL.

Okay, first things first! If you’ve tried to get in touch with my via SL, you’ve had no luck. My main account, MarieMcKinney Resident, and my old main Teresa Republic are both on hold due to billing problems. My bank thought that LL was fraudulently charging my account, and charged back some of the payments  I made. It’s being taken care of, but according to LL and my bank, it could take quite a while for the money to get back to LL.

That being said, if I have custom builds to do for you please contact me on Skype: teresa.republic, or by plurk so we can make arrangements. I’m very sorry for the delay, I didn’t see this coming at all. 

I have been enjoying my break from SL though, if I’m honest. I didn’t realize how much pressure it put me under. Not just creating, but keeping up with shopping/blogging/ect. I’ve gotten caught up on some things in RL and have been able to make some time for some things I used to really like doing. I can’t wait to come back though and buy all the pretty things!




Since I can’t log in to get the credits for this outfit, I apologize for the sloppyness!

Hair: Ploom

Eyes: IKON

Skin: Ths Sugar Garden – Hope – A

Shoes: Gos Boutique

Jeans: Villena – Skinny Jeans


Tank: Mon Tissu – Lolita Tanktop



Tied Up




Well! I suppose I have some explaining to do, right?!

It started when my good friend Vintage released this hair and called it ‘Tied Up”. I came up with a grand master plan I thought was hilarious and super easy… For April Fools I think I’ll dress up in crazy BDSM gear and take a raw snap and tell her I’m gonna blog her hair like that… Wellllll…

Unfortunately, BDSM gear is harder to find than I thought, and Nirans was acting like a sl*t. So… she signed off before I could, and I was left with these honestly decent pictures and a lot of time. I said w/e and edited them and here they are in a completely serious, for real blog post. I realize it’s not really everyone’s cup of tea (It’s CERTAINLY not mine *looks innocent*) but hey, if nothing else at least I can say I tried it and I looked FAB.

I guess I’m pretty bad at April Fools Day, huh? Oh well. Now I just need someone to come get me down. :/




Skin: The Sugar Garden – Hope – A Tone

Hair: Epoque – Tied Up – Grain #5

Shoes: GOS – Mae Platform

Lashes: Al Vulo

Harness: Sunkiller Harness – Black (

Gag: .Wound Ball Gag (

Ropes: Chanimations Fetish Cabaret (


[11:19] Marie (mariemckinney): lol I can’t make this gag stop drooling…
[11:19] Keira Seerose: ew