Tied Up




Well! I suppose I have some explaining to do, right?!

It started when my good friend Vintage released this hair and called it ‘Tied Up”. I came up with a grand master plan I thought was hilarious and super easy… For April Fools I think I’ll dress up in crazy BDSM gear and take a raw snap and tell her I’m gonna blog her hair like that… Wellllll…

Unfortunately, BDSM gear is harder to find than I thought, and Nirans was acting like a sl*t. So… she signed off before I could, and I was left with these honestly decent pictures and a lot of time. I said w/e and edited them and here they are in a completely serious, for real blog post. I realize it’s not really everyone’s cup of tea (It’s CERTAINLY not mine *looks innocent*) but hey, if nothing else at least I can say I tried it and I looked FAB.

I guess I’m pretty bad at April Fools Day, huh? Oh well. Now I just need someone to come get me down. :/




Skin: The Sugar Garden – Hope – A Tone

Hair: Epoque – Tied Up – Grain #5

Shoes: GOS – Mae Platform

Lashes: Al Vulo

Harness: Sunkiller Harness – Black (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sunkiller-Top-Harness-Black/4672000)

Gag: .Wound Ball Gag (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wound-Ball-Gag/4467045)

Ropes: Chanimations Fetish Cabaret (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/chanimations-FetishCabaret-Set-13-TiedSuspension/879332)


[11:19] Marie (mariemckinney): lol I can’t make this gag stop drooling…
[11:19] Keira Seerose: ew




We need time.

we need time b
we need time

Hey everyone! Super quick post today, I didn’t plan on blogging but I HAD to take a break from Maya for an hour or two… I’m starting to vertices in RL -__-“

Thanks for reading! ❤

Skin: Body Co.
Lips: Illusory
Lip Gloss: Izzie’s
Lashes: Al Vulo
Eyes: IKON
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Blazer: Elate
Jeans: Koko
Hands: Slink
Ears: Mandala