Of Boobs and Boys







Hey everyone! This is going to be a super quick post because I only have 8 minutes before work! Yay for mornings.

In this post, I’m wearing the new Lush breasts from [d]. You might have heard about them yet, but if not, I’ll be doing a full review/comparison with Lola’s later this week. I absolutely adore them though, and for this sweater they look great.

So that was the boobs, oh right! I’m supposed to talk about boys. Well. I think I can say that this dress got 5 stars from a good friend of mine who happens to -be- a boy, and I also found out the turtleneck attachment for this sweater is easily replaced with a posture collar! It was a totally innocent evening, I assure you.

Speaking of this sweater from Deetalez, I love the rigged turtleneck AND rigged skirtprim. Mesh skirtprim + Lola’s applier = Happy happy Marie. I used the same pose in the first two pictures because it really shows off the way the skirt can bend.

Another thing you may notice is how well this new hair from ploom fits over my prim tits. They have a large and small option, which is good because if you know me inworld, you know I’m not always this stacked. I didn’t mean to buy this hair, it was an accidental purchase thanks to lack of caffeine, but I’m so glad I did! The little bun on the side is just too cute.

I said this was going to be a short post didn’t I? Wupz.

I normally can’t wear my body co. skins with my mesh breasts, simply because they don’t have appliers. Sicne thie turtleneck covers the whole chest, I don’t have to worry about that. This is my favorite skin on the grid I’d say… and it’s on sale! Just search ‘thewarehouse’ and you’ll find the body co. sale as well as some old Armidi-Gisachi goodies.

One last thing! These eyes are new from the sugar garden, and you must go try a pair. They’re quickly becoming my favorite place for cutesy-girly eyes, and this new release just solidifies their place among the most creative designers on the grid!

Okay enough of me blabbering on, here’s the credits!

ISON – carazon boot
Deetalez – turtle neck dress black 3
IT GIRLS- Teeth Alpha #3
.ploom. Nue
Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes
ISON – carazon boot – (black)
[d] Lush Breasts 1.3
the body co. Summer (01 Fair)
“tSg” Ocean Eyes – Dark Brown




01052013CLO 01062013ALO 01052013BLO


Okay so apologies on the super long delay between posts, my new RL job is a lot more demanding than I expected. That’s a good thing though, right?!

I was so excited for Ooh La La to start carrying Appliers for Tangos that I simply had to post. Literally EVERYTHING in the store is updated with appliers! I bought one of just about everything, but this new pearl playsuit is too cute not to show off. I don’t even think she raised the prices on the items, and her store is more than reasonable as it is. Most lingerie sets are between 100-120L and it’s all top of the line stuff. Can’t beat that!

You’re probably more concerned with what’s up with my head. This doll head from The Sugar Garden is positively adorable, and since they freak out my BFF Rodrigo, I can only wear them in the privacy of my skybox. The head is part of their ‘Ball Jointed Avatar” I’m not wearing the skin here, since it doesn’t have an applier for tangos. Thankfully, the head is pretty versatile, and I’m wearing it here with a Modish skin. The ball jointed avatar is L$1000, which I thought was a little steep, but after wearing around the head this evening I’m glad I purchased it, and hope there are more variations coming out!  TIP: If you use this BJD av with mesh hair, scale up your head size and wear a full head alpha. It basically scaled up the head of your hair. I modified the shape that came with the Fashionably Dead doll heads at the Arcade for this shot. I adore those heads as well!

That does it for me this time! Happy New Year everyone!


Hair: >TRUTH< Cheyenne – pumpkinpie (Fades Pack)
Skin: ::Modish:: Dunia -Nude- Pale Lt
Lingerie: (Ooh Lala!) Pearl Playsuit
Mesh Head: “TSG” Rheia Pink BJD Head
Breasts: :Lolas :: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Elegant